Hahndorf | salted caramel fudge

Hahndorf | salted caramel fudge


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This candle instantly transports you to the charming town of Hahndorf, known for its quaint streets and delectable treats. This handcrafted candle captures the essence of stepping into a fudge shop, evoking memories of indulgence and sweet delights.

As you light the Hahndorf candle, a warm and inviting aroma of salted caramel fills the air, enveloping your space with its rich and decadent fragrance. The scent of creamy caramel is enhanced by a hint of sea salt, creating a perfect balance of sweet and savoury notes. It brings to mind the irresistible allure of freshly made fudge, with its melt-in-your-mouth texture and a delightful interplay of flavours. You can almost taste the rich caramel goodness just by inhaling the fragrance.

Scent notes

Sweet buttery cream caramel, rock salt, candied pecan, vanilla sugar, toasted tonka and condensed milk.

Product information


175ml | 35 hours


300ml | 60 hours


Please note all candles are made to order. Variations may occur and are normal.

Candle safety

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep in a well-ventilated area, on a stable heat-resistant surface. Keep away from drafts and dust. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Only light candle on a stable, heat-resistance surface. Trim wick to 1.5cm before each burn. Stop using if less than 1.5cm of wax. Caution: container may become hot. Failure to follow instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury. Always follow instructions. When using wax melts, always follow wax melter/oil burner instructions.