Wax Melter Giftpack

Wax Melter Giftpack


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Introducing our Wax Melter Giftpack – the perfect way to fragrance your home or workspace- without a flame. Our ceramic wax melt warmers blend seamlessly with any vibe. The classic design is a winner, and the neutral colours keep it versatile.

We've paired the warmer with two packs of gorgeous creamy wax melts. They're not just any scents – we're talking your favourite Chaos fragrances to keep your place smelling fantastic.

Each pack contains a ceramic electric plug-in melt burner, in your choice of colourway, and two packs of wax melts. 

Product details

Wax Melter

  • Pearl or Jade
  • Size: 16.0cmH x 11.0cmD
  • includes 25W Halogen Lamp
  • (Full instructions for use enclosed)
Wax Melts
  • 6 cubes per pack 
  • Each cube gives approximately 12 hours of fragrance.
  • Simply place a wax melt cube in the top of your warmer, and enjoy.